Welcome to the Future of OTC Token Sales with chumhum.Finance

chumhum.Finance is based on the Binance Smart Chain and will have no official Token Sale. $CHUM will be easily availailbe via the OTC Contract on JulSwap and all JUL (JULb) & JulD Holders and SLP Stakers will Receive a Ratio Airdrop. If you hold JUL (JULb) & JulD, it needs to be in a wallet where you own the private key.

We will take one random snapshot in the upcoming 10 Days and if you hold or stake JUL (JULb) & JulD (including JUL & JulD paired SLP Tokens) at this moment, you will receive $CHUM Tokens.

Ratio: 1 JULb = 10.5 $CHUM — 1 JulD = 0.0175 $CHUM

The $CHUM Distribution Takes place in the upcoming 14 Days.

How does works?!

More updates are on the way! Stay Tuned and Follow us!




ChumHum Finance on the #BinanceSmartChain! #OTC #Farming Coming Soon —

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ChumHum Finance on the #BinanceSmartChain! #OTC #Farming Coming Soon —

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